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Schlage tamper alert

schlage tamper alert

Your home holds the things most important to you. To protect them, Schlage offers a security solution that notifies you when something is happening at the door with alert settings and sensitivity within three alarm modes.

What is Tamper Alert?

If you’re home alone during the day or evening, or want to monitor a secondary entry door, the Tamper Alert is the ideal setting. As the most sensitive alert setting, the Tamper Alert senses even subtle activity at the handle or lock – not just when the door opens – notifying you immediately of any tampering.

• Alarm sounds for about 15 seconds when the door knob/lever is disturbed
• Left and right LED lights fl ash alternately
• Functions in both lock and unlocked mode
• Built-in 60-second delay before device alarms to allow you to exit and lock the door
• Sound: Longer alarm sound (90 dB = the sound of your smoke alarm)

What is the difference between Alert and Tamper modes?

Alert is used to monitor normal usage of the door.  It will trigger when the door is locked or unlocked.
Tamper is the most sensitive mode, used as a deterrent.  It is active only when the deadbolt is extended.  Use this mode to trigger a loud 15-second alarm when even subtle activity at the door is detected.

Schlage product with tamper alert feature :

Schlage FE576 CAM 716 GEO CAM Keypad Lever with Built-in Alarm

Camelot Collection Keypad Door Knob with Built-in Alarm At a Glance:

Audible alarm alerts you to activity upon first contact at lock or handle
Choose from 3 different alert settings: activity, tamper, or forced entry
Keyless entry with a 4 digit security code
Fits on pre-drilled doors
Rugged, all-metal construction
ANSI Grade 2 security
Limited lifetime warranty on finish and mechanics; 1-year warranty on electronics

Product Description

Security you hear instantly- The Schlage Keypad knob with Built-in Alarm is the first, and only, residential door lock with an audible alarm sensor. Alerting you to activity at the door on first contact with door or handle, not just when the door is opened, you can select between 3 alert modes- activity, tamper, or forced entry. Pair with a Schlage F58 Exterior Handleset.

Keeping Your Family Safe and Secure

Combining the security of a strong, secure lock with the added safeguard of a sensor alarm that sounds the moment there is activity at the door, this Schlage keypad door knob with built-in alarm enables you to select alert settings and sensitivity within three alarm modes. The three modes include:

Activity Alert

This alarm sounds two short beeps every time a door opens or closes, making it ideal for monitoring doors while people are home. For example, you can use the activity alert to monitor whether a small child, elderly parent, or person with special needs is trying to get out of the home.
built-in alarm activity
Activity alert sounds when door opens or closes (view larger).

Tamper Alert

This alarm sounds one long alarm for 15 seconds when the door knob has been disturbed, making it perfect for monitoring a main or secondary door--especially at night. The most sensitive alert setting of the three, the Tamper Alert mode can detect even the slightest movement at the handle or lock.

Forced Entry Alert

This alarm sounds a shrill siren for about 3 minutes to signal significant force at the door--such as when someone is attempting to kick in the door--making it ideal for nighttime use or when no one is home. This Schlage keypad door knob is preset to this mode, as 70 percent of home break-ins are caused by forced entry.
Adjusting Alerts and Sensitivity

Pressing the Schlage button at the top of the interior side of the unit for 5 seconds will turn the alarm on and off, and you can toggle between the three alarm settings. You'll be able to tell the alarm mode at a glance thanks to the button's three LED lights, which illuminates the left for Activity Alert, the middle for Tamper Alert, and the right for Forced Entry Alert after lightly touching and releasing the button. You can also choose from sensitivity levels ranging from 1 (most sensitive) to 5 (least sensitive), and the unit comes preset to level 3.

This video highlights the 3 different alert modes: Activity Alert, Tamper Alert and Forced Entry Alert.

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